January 28, 2020

Statement Opposing Supreme Court Ruling on Public Charge

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States voted in favor of the Trump Administration’s “Public Charge” Rule. With a 5-4 split vote, we understand how dividing this decision is, however, the Public Charge ruling will have negative impacts on Utah’s immigrant communities and families.

Most of the immigrants living in Utah will not be affected directly but, the ‘chilling effect’ has and will continue to push families away from accessing the services they need. No one should have to choose between changing their immigration status and receiving health, food, and other important services to ensure children can thrive.

Utah is a safer, better, and more welcoming community when we build on inclusive policies and work to support all our community including immigrant and refugee families. The fight against the Public Charge rule will continue.

The rule is will take effect for now but, the litigation continues, and appeals are ongoing to reverse the rule. We will continue to oppose this rule and other policies that negatively affect our immigrant families and communities. We call on our elected and appointed leaders to speak against policies like this that will make it harder for our immigrant and refugee communities.