June 18, 2020

Voices' Statement on Supreme Court's ruling regarding DACA

“We commend the Supreme Court’s decision finding the current administrations rescission of DACA as unlawful. We fully support the diverse group of more than 700,000 young immigrants (Dreamers) who are instrumental to our society including the approximately 10,000 who live in our state. We have seen many of them highlighted as essential health care workers during the COVID-19 crisis and we are proud of their many contributions to make this country a better place.

This decision does not mean that the fight is over. We must continue to follow the lead of our immigrant rights leaders and continue to advocate for a lasting solution that protects all 11 million undocumented immigrants including DACA recipients and their families. Whether it is the more than 25,000 Dreamers who are health care workers keeping us safe during the pandemic, or the Dreamers currently in other crucial positions including teachers and our military, DACA recipients are here to stay. 

As we reimagine the kind of America we want to become, and as we fight to make our country stronger and more just, we should look to Dreamers. This is a program that should be a basis of a comprehensive immigration policy that would allow us to grow stronger as a state and country. We commit to advocating alongside the Dreamers and ensuring Congress acts immediately so that DACA recipients can finally live in peace and security.”

Moe Hickey, CEO

Voices for Utah Children

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