August 17, 2020

Riding the Wave of the Public Charge Rule

A few weeks ago we released a statement about the Trump Administration’s Public Charge being halted. Unfortunately, a judge from the 2nd Circuit narrowed the injunction and now it will only apply to states within this circuit: New York, Connecticut, and Vermont.

One thing is clear, the Public Charge Rule should not be implemented, especially during a national public health crisis. Since we do not reside in the 2nd Circuit, Public Charge will be implemented in Utah. This situation is ever evolving and will likely have more ups and downs as other litigation begin or take place. This wave of court decisions and litigation have added more confusion, frustration, and uncertainty to our immigrant families. No one should have to choose between accessing healthcare, food, and other programs for fear that it might affect their immigration status. We will continue to call out against the implementation of changes to the Public Charge rule and the “chilling effects” that this rule has on our families. As a state we are safer and stronger when everyone in our community feels welcome and can access the programs and resources they need.

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