June 03, 2022

My Advocacy Fellowship Reflection | Veronica Aguilera

Every child should have access to health care. A controversial yet straightforward statement. Providing every child the opportunity to grow healthy and allow them to bring their foot forward to be a contributing member of society. Utah ranks 49th in the country regarding health coverage for children

Embarking on the journey to 100% Kids Coverage in the State of Utah has not been an easy journey, but it has been the most rewarding. I've only been part of the campaign for a year, and the experience has humbled me that it has provided me. I am grateful that I had an incredible team who guided me through this journey as they have been championing this cause for years. Their goal? To ensure Utah is a place where ALL children can thrive.

I once was told, want to be heard, listen.

And that is exactly where I began my journey to cover all kids. I had the opportunity to join community partners at their events, where I met many community members whose life would be drastically different if their children had had access to a basic human need, access to health care. Their struggles were fuel to my passion, as seeing my brothers and sisters from different backgrounds and walks of life struggle made me want to work harder to ensure their children could have access to healthcare. Though the bill did not pass, that does not mean we have been defeated.

This past year, I've had the wonderful opportunity to be part of Voices as a fellow, where I learned the real meaning of advocacy. The team I was surrounded by here at Voices gave me the wings to fly and the wind to keep me high. I am beyond grateful for all the personal and professional growth opportunities this fantastic organization provides. I am beyond proud of being part of this wonderful organization, and to all my Voices colleagues, thank you all. I could have never imagined working with a better group of people passionate about helping children and improving this world.

Mil gracias,


Verónica Aguilera 

Advocacy Fellow, June 2021 - June 2022