November 28, 2016

Help us raise our voices for Utah children. #GivingTuesday

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If you were given three wishes for the children in your life, what would they be?

  • A healthy life.
  • A good education.
  • To never want for the necessities.
  • The chance to experience a family of their own.

Shouldn’t we want that for all children in Utah? Today, there are over 950,000 children living in Utah. Unfortunately, over 120,000 of those children live in poverty, over 85,000 are not insured which threatens their well-being, and too many go to bed hungry (yes, even in Utah). But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can help ensure that all of Utah’s children experience the healthy and joyous childhood that you wish for your children. You are the difference between a sick child and one that is looking forward to a successful future.

Children rely on decisions adults make. They rely on their parents or guardians to meet their needs and invest in their future. They also rely on policymakers to make sure they have access to health care, a safe environment, and a quality education. And they rely on you to help make their voices heard. For over 30 years, Voices for Utah Children has called on our state’s leaders to put children’s needs first. With your help, Voices for Utah Children can continue to guide local, state, and federal policies that will allow all children to live out the same story we want for our own children.

If you believe in changing our kids' future, we're your voice in Utah’s capitol. We help decision-makers understand the children's issues that matter to you, take your message to policymakers, focus media on the issues you care about, and give politicians a reason to push for solutions you can take pride in.

We depend on citizens like you – folks who care about kids and who understand the importance of having a strong, independent voice for children. We ask you to support us in our daily fight to make Utah the best place in America to grow up. Your continued support is essential for us to persistently work towards improving the lives of children in Utah. Because of Voices for Utah Children’s commitment to independence, we do not take government funds for our work.

You can change the future of the child who comes to school not ready to learn. Instead, you can make sure that child is able to attend quality preschool or all-day kindergarten. That child can start kindergarten and first grade ready to succeed, because you choose to help us speak out on behalf of quality preschool and kindergarten for at-risk kids.

You provide us the opportunity to speak out for policies that improve Medicaid and CHIP services for children. Kids need health care coverage 365 days a year and being able to see a doctor shouldn’t depend on the job a parent has or the decision an employer makes about the affordability of healthcare. And because we can speak out, you change the life of a child who now has continuous care for her diabetes or asthma.

Children continually compete for funding with transportation, economic development, and business interests when our elected officials decide where our state money should be spent. Voices for Utah Children will be an ever-present voice at the Legislature to ensure that children’s needs are not forgotten. Your support means you stand right there with us. You can make sure that lawmakers continue to ask themselves critical questions when it comes to allocating our dollars and cents. Because, if it isn’t good for kids, it isn’t good for Utah.
Too often, children are an afterthought in the political process, but you can join a team that's making children a priority. Your contributions have helped Voices for Utah Children deliver real wins for kids.

  • We removed the 5-year waiting period for legally residing immigrant children to receive important services like Medicaid and CHIP.
  • We helped at-risk children receive increased funding for quality preschool so they can start school ready to learn.
  • We worked to make sure that juveniles would never be incarcerated without the possibility of parole.
  • We participated in collaborative efforts to find solutions to intergenerational poverty, making sure a child’s zip code doesn’t determine her destiny.

In all kinds of ways, your support changes the story for so many of the at-risk kids living in Utah. Every child’s story deserves a happy ending. Will you help write that story? You can change lives by supporting Voices for Utah Children–together we can write a joyful ending for all our kids!

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Lincoln Nehring
President and CEO

P.S. Your contribution today will allow Voices for Utah Children to begin the new year ready to create healthy and happy childhoods for Utah’s kids. Kids need heros, Utah’s kids are counting on you!

P.P.S Are monthly donations easier for you? We would be happy to help you set this up. What could be better than making a difference every month! Call us at 801-364-1182 or sign up at our website.

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For 30 years now, Voices for Utah Children has called on our state, federal and local leaders to put children’s needs first. But the work is not done. The children of 30 years ago now have children of their own. Too many of these children are growing up in poverty, without access to healthcare or quality educational opportunities.

How can you be involved?

Make a tax-deductible donation to Voices for Utah Children—or join our Network with a monthly donation of $20 or more.  Network membership includes complimentary admission to Network events with food, socializing, and opportunity to meet child advocacy experts. And don't forget to join our listserv to stay informed!

We look forward to the future of Voices for Utah Children and we hope you will be a part of our next 30 years.

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