December 12, 2016

Tell Senator Hatch Not to Repeal the ACA Without Replacing It #ProtectOurCare #CareNotChaos


Repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will cause 273,000 Utahns to lose their health insurance by 2019, new Urban Institute estimates show. Congress plans to move quickly in January to repeal much of the health reform law without enacting a replacement plan first. This would cause families in Utah to go without needed health care and expose them to financial risk. Nationally, most of the coverage loss would occur among families with at least one worker, doubling the number of uninsured and leaving a higher share of people uninsured than before the ACA.

Leaders in Congress are contemplating an unusual and risky maneuver to repeal the ACA without simultaneously passing a replacement plan. The repeal part would be easy because Congress would take advantage of special rules that apply to budget reconciliation bills. Congress could indefinately delay the far more difficult task of replacing the ACA with a new plan. 


Urban Social Media Shareable 2 If Congress succeeds in repealing the ACA without a replacement plan attached, they will throw the health care system into chaos. Nationwide, 4.3 million people would lose insurance right away, rising to 7.3 million by 2019.

urban institute ACA repeal

The consequences of repealing the ACA without replacing it would be dire for Utah families.

The number of uninsured Utahns would nearly double, rising from 328,000 uninsured Utahns to about 601,000.

The uninsured rate among children would more than double. Almost 38,000 Utah children currently have coverage in the ACA health insurance marketplace. These children are at risk of becoming uninsured if the ACA is repealed. After implementation of the ACA, Utah and the nation as a whole saw significant improvements in child health insurance coverage rates. Repealing the ACA without replacing it would not only eliminate these gains, but result in an even higher uninsured rate for children nationwide than existed before the ACA came into effect. 

Uninsured kids chart

Utah would lose $4.8 billion in federal funding and pay more in uncompensated care costs. State and local governments and health care providers would have to bear this cost.

Urban Social Media Shareable 1 Moderate-income working families in Utah would lose substantial financial assistance that is now available to help them pay  for their insurance premiums. The vast majority—87%—of Utahns in the ACA marketplace receive subsidies. In 2016, Utahns who enrolled in marketplace coverage receive an average advance premium tax credit of $187, which covers 69% of the total monthly premium for comprehensive coverage. 

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Contact Senator Hatch protect our care UTAH

Tell Senator Hatch to protect our healthcare for children and families. Tell him not to repeal the ACA without a replacement bill in place to keep children and families covered by health insurance. Call Senator Hatch at (202)224-5251 or email Senator Hatch using this form.

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Does your family benefit from the ACA, Medicaid or CHIP health coverage? We want to talk to you. Your story could make a difference as we explain to lawmakers how repealing the ACA without replacing it could affect their constituents. Contact us.

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