May 14, 2019

2019 Tax Reform Task Force

The Tax Reform Task Force legislatively mandated during the 2019 general session by HB495 has been created. Meetings have not been scheduled but we expect to hear something soon. In the meantime, House Democrats are holding town hall meetings on tax reform.

Draft tax reform legislation is expected to include a statewide EITC. Other proposals include increasing the sales tax on food and using a state EITC as the offset. Advocate worry about families obtaining immediate savings on food vs waiting for a refund. Concerns have been raised about the 25% to 30% tax filers who don’t file taxes and their ability to obtain both a federal EITC and state EITC.

Voices has prepared a tax reform position paper and will monitor tax reform discussions, especially around broadening the base and lowering the rate to mitigate the shift of the tax burden on the lower and middle income families.

pdfVoices for Utah Children 2019 Tax Reform Position