Voices for Utah Children Opposes Medicaid Funding Caps and Cuts

31 May 2019 Written by  

Voices for Utah Children opposes the state of Utah’s proposal to make harmful changes to the Medicaid program. As part of Senate Bill 96, which rolled back Proposition 3 full Medicaid Expansion, the Utah Department of Health is required to seek a federal waiver to add restrictions and cuts to Medicaid. The  “Per Capita Cap” waiver is a dangerous proposal that puts the overall financial stability of the Medicaid program at risk by capping funding and creating new barriers for families seeking care.  

This waiver proposal undermines voter-approved full Medicaid expansion; it limits coverage options to a fraction of those who need it; and sets a dangerous precedent for other states looking to deny vulnerable residents affordable coverage options.

It is imperative that Utah instead realize full Medicaid expansion- without caps, cuts or barriers, so Utahns can get the affordable coverage they need to thrive.

The public now has an important opportunity to comment on the waiver proposal. Public comments play a critical role and can make a difference in defeating these proposed harmful changes. Learn more and submit your comments.


CiriacHealth Policy and Community Engagement Fellow

Ciriac is a proud immigrant who is passionate about immigrant rights, education, and health care. She is a community organizer, poet, and writer who uses her voice and online platform to advocate for her community.

During her undergraduate she was heavily involved in creating access to higher education for undocumented students on the University of Utah campus. After graduating, she has continued to work closely with the Enriching Utah Coalition (EUC) and serves as the Immigration Chair for the Utah Coalition of la Raza (UCLR) board to work on immigrant justice issues.

Ciriac graduated with a B.S. in Political Science and Honors Sociology  from the University of Utah. She was born in Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is excited to join Voices for Utah Children as the Health Policy and Community Engagement Fellow and hopes to continue her education by obtaining a J.D. or M.P.A.