June 21, 2019

Statement Opposing the Trump Administration's Recent Threat to Ramp Up Deportations

Voices for Utah Children's Statement Opposing the Trump Administration's Recent Threat to Ramp Up Deportations.

This week, the Trump Administration released threatening statements to begin ramping up raids and deportations around the United States. Voices for Utah Children is a non-partisan organization that advocates for policies and programs that produce great outcomes for all kids in our state. Our advocacy and research aim to influence policies, raise awareness, and provide support on behalf of all children. We advocate for all children, regardless of immigration status in our state, encouraging policies and practices that are welcoming for all. We oppose this recent threat to ramp up deportations.

Our state will be directly affected by family separations caused by raids.  They will cause long-term harm to both the health and wellbeing of children. Research shows that kids who witness arrests, especially in a home setting, are more likely to suffer from mental health and behavioral health issues. Raids cause unnecessary strain in our communities in places everyone should feel welcome. They add to the climate of fear where children and parents are more likely to miss school, work, church services, and more. They force families to skip appointments to the doctors, dentists, and to other vital programs that immigrant families trust.

Immigrants are our fellow Utahns, they are our friends, neighbors, classmates, loved ones, and colleagues. Proposals that are aimed at targeting families to “send a message” are immoral and run contrary to who we are as a state and nation. We will continue to support immigrants’ families and children in our state by opposing proposals like this, that only cause harm to our communities.

We urge our members of Congress to refuse to fund this mass deportation plan that would give additional resources to ICE and CBP to apprehend, separate, and deport immigrant families. We call on our local officials to speak against this plan and to support those most impacted by deportations and raids.