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Controversial list centered on kid citizens, state says - Salt Lake Tribune, July 22

22 July 2010
Most of the names on a controversial list of alleged undocumented immigrants are of people legally receiving benefits or the parents of American-born children receiving benefits, officials said Wednesday.  Click on link below to view article in pdf format. Controversial…

Help is on the way for families with sick (or recovering) kids, Salt Lake Tribune Guest Editorial

12 July 2010
Thanks to an early provision in the federal health reform law that goes into effect this fall, Utah families with sick kids will soon be able to purchase previously unattainable private health coverage. Under the new rules, insurers can no…

Poll Reveals Strong Bipartisan Support for DREAM Act

30 June 2010
A national poll released June 29, 2010 reveals strong bipartisan support for the DREAM Act, federal...  Read more

Don't underfund our children's future, Deseret News Guest Editorial

28 June 2010
This month the Census Bureau released its population estimates for 2009, including the population below age 18. Exactly half of the states (plus Washington, D.C.) have fewer children now than they had in 2000. Nationally, the number of children grew…

2010 Utah Arts Festival Press Coverage

28 June 2010
Gastronomy Inc.'s Market Street Grill festival food booth is helping raise funds for Voices for Utah Children, a nonprofit organization that works to make Utah a place where all children can thrive.  Click on links to view article in pdf…

School Readiness: An Investment We Can't Pass Up, Salt Lake Tribune Guest Editorial

25 June 2010
Children who start behind, stay behind. Studies show that one of the most important predictors of third-grade test performance is school readiness at kindergarten entry. Indeed, research shows the achievement gap starts early, before children enter school. By the time…

Utah Kids Reading Proficieny Lower than National Average

18 May 2010
 Utah Kids Reading Proficiency Lower than National Average (KSL News 5/18/10)

Report Says Vast Majority of Utah's Low-income Students Aren't Reading Proficiently

18 May 2010
 Report Says Vast Majority of Utah's Low-income Students Aren't Reading Proficiently (KCPW Local News 5/18/10)

Reading to Learn

21 May 2010
 Reading to Learn (Salt Lake Tribune 5/21/10)

69% of Utah Fourth-graders not Reading at Proficient Level

20 May 2010
 69% of Utah Fourth-graders not Reading at Proficient Level (Deseret News 5/20/10)