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Task force narrows Medicaid expansion options for recommendation to 3

21 November 2013
SALT LAKE CITY — A task force of lawmakers on Thursday adopted a series of best options for the state of Utah regarding potential Medicaid expansion.

Utahns Rally to Support a Medicaid Expansion

20 November 2013
(KUTV) Nearly 350 people rallied for extending Medicaid at the capitol Wednesday. Extending Medicaid is a choice states have under President Obama's Affordable Care Act. 13-year-old Avery addressed a crowd of maybe 350 people who rallied for extending Medicaid. "I…

More U.S. kids have insurance, but Utah lags

20 November 2013
SALT LAKE CITY - A new report confirms what advocates for children in Utah have been saying for a while now: Expanding Medicaid would help reduce the state's high rate of uninsured children.

Advocates: Show us a budget with a Medicaid expansion

13 November 2013
Health • Supporters of expanding Medicaid want undecided Gov. Gary Herbert to create state budgets with and without the change.

Kids' dental coverage uncertain under ACA

12 November 2013
Children's health advocates were overjoyed when they learned that dental care for kids would be one of the "essential benefits" in the insurance policies on the Affordable Care Act health exchanges.

Organizations Encourage Budget Transparency

14 November 2013
Organizations representing Utah’s most vulnerable citizens including children, elderly, and disabled delivered a letter to Governor Gary R. Herbert today encouraging transparency with respect to the fiscal implications of whether to accept or reject the Medicaid Expansion funds provided by…

Op-Ed by Karen Crompton and David Milliken: Making Utah the best place for business and kids

12 November 2013
As much of the country continues to grapple with the economic downturn, our state's economy has expanded at a rate of 2.3 percent since 2006. For three years in a row Utah has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as the…

Strong lives begin with investment in early childhood development, report says

05 November 2013
Few things are as important to a child's future as ability to read, according to a KIDS COUNT policy report released Monday by The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Initiative makes preschool available to more children

03 November 2013
SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah – About 600 children who wouldn't have had the chance to go to preschool are now enrolled as a result of a new initiative in Salt Lake County. Click here for video.

UT Kids Count: early childhood education underfunded

04 November 2013
There should be greater focus and more funding for high-quality education during the critical first eight years of a child's life, according to Terry Haven with Voices for Utah Children.