Immigrant Family Policies

Supporting our immigrant communities

Immigrant children and families in our state need equitable opportunities to thrive. Utah has long been a state that works to include our mixed-status families. From driving privilege cards to in-state tuition for our undocumented youth, our policies must continue to reflect the values found in the Utah Compact and beyond to address the issues that immigrant families face in our state both at the state and national level. 

To address these issues, Voices is committed to working with leaders in our immigrant communities to uplift the issues that are most affecting them by:

  • Being an active member of the Enriching Utah Coalition
  • Leading the 100% Kids Coverage Campaign
  • Fighting against the Public Charge Rule and its chilling effect
  • Uplifting the unique challenges and gaps that exist for immigrant families
  • Working to ensure policies are inclusive towards our mixed-status and undocumented families

Immigrants in our state are our family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We will continue to work alongside immigrant communities and leaders to ensure Utah is a welcoming place for all.